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Co-PLAN Board of Directors is a decision-making body consisting of three members, namely Dr Sokol Çelo, Dr Besnik Aliaj and Sotir Dhamo. The board is headed by Dr Çelo, and takes decisions concerning overall organisational policies and strategies.

Dr Sokol Çelo [Head] – Has been acting as the Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2002. Currently working as Assistant Professor of Management and International Business at Suffolk University, Boston – USA. A mathematician by qualification, Dr. Çelo furthered his studies in the field of business administration, and focused his research on location decision making for international investments of multinational corporations.

Dr Besnik Aliaj Member [Member] – A co-funder and current Rector of POLIS University, the International School of Architecture and Development Policies, where he also teaches Urban Design. Dr Aliaj is an urban planner by qualification and profession, author to numerous publications in this field, and guest speaker in various international conferences. Currently a member of the Municipal Council of Tirana, and ‘Citizen of Honour of Kamza Municipality’.

Doc. Sotir Dhamo [Member] – The Administrator of the founding board of Polis University, and lecturer of two courses: Urban Design and Territorial Analysis and Human Settlements. He is an editor or the scientific journal of U_POLIS ‘Forum A+P’, and engages in consultancy and research activities in the field of urban planning and urban design, and is author to numerous publications in the field.

Co-PLAN’s Advisory Board comprises of five members, who contribute with ideas and advice in the decision-making process of the management bodies.

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