Co-PLAN Staff

Anila BEJKO (GJIKA) is the Executive Director of Co-PLAN and has been part of the organization since 2005, contributing her expertise in Territorial Governance. With over 20 years of experience, Anila has advised the Albanian government on legal frameworks and strategic documents, particularly in Regional Development reform, Territorial Administrative reform, Decentralization, Fiscal Decentralization strategies, and Territorial Planning reform. Anila holds postgraduate qualifications in Urban Development Policies, Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations & Local Financial Management, a Master’s in Housing and Land Development, and an MBA. She brings a wealth of knowledge from her involvement in management, research, and technical expertise in more than 40 donor-funded projects, focusing on green transition, sustainable economic development, urban and spatial planning, city development strategies, regionalization and regional development, and public financial management. She serves academia since 15 years as a researcher and lecturer at Polis University.

Ogerta GJIKNURI is a highly experienced professional in financial management issues. She has extensive experience in different sectors, including not-for-profit and for-profit (including construction, insurance and project-based finance). A solid educational background (in finance and postgraduate studies in financial risk management) and more than 20 years of applied expertise in finance shape her outstanding financial manager profile. Ms. Gjiknuri’s skills and expertise are noteworthy, particularly in preparing and analysing financial statements. Her ability to design, implement, and monitor grant schemes aligned with the European Commission requirements is exceptional.

With extensive experience managing project cycles, including monitoring, controlling, reporting, and project closure, she has established herself as a reliable, efficient, and resourceful professional. During the last decade, Ms Gjiknuri has shared her knowledge as a lecturer at POLIS Univeristy, covering topics related to applied business analysis and project management.

Aida CIRO PhD., a professional in the field of communication, project acquisition and tourism development with 15 years of diverse experience and published scientific articles. Key areas of expertise include project acquisition, and management, strategic communication; civil society strengthening, activism, advocacy, tourism planning and development. Long-standing and successful experience in project acquisition and management at local and regional level for most donor and development agencies operating in Albania. Holds the title of Doctor of Science for models of sustainable tourism development, graduated from the International Doctorate Program in Architecture and Urban Planning, from the University of Ferrara and POLIS University. University of Lincoln (UK) Alumni – Journalism (BA), University of Kingston upon Hull Alumni (UK) – Security and Strategic Studies (MA) and Jönköping International Business School Alumni (Sweden) – Logistics International and Production Chain Management.

Founder of the National Day of Activism #NAD – held every October, in collaboration with the American Embassy in Tirana. Founder of the tourism development promotional campaign #ejanëgramsh.

Merita TOSKA, PhD., is an economist with more than 15 years of experience in economic development and public financial management (engaged in more than 35 national and international projects). After almost 8 years of experience in the Bank of Albania, she joined Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development, in 2015 as an Expert on Economic Development and Finances. Over the years, she has engaged as a team leader and expert on projects related to economic development and green transition, public financial management, public-private partnerships, economic and financial feasibility studies, business plans, and the cost of public services.

Ms Toska has extensive experience designing and delivering training curricula in public financial management (municipal finances, mid-term budgeting, strategic planning linked to capital investment planning), feasibility studies, CBAs, and PPPs). Since 2015, Ms Toska is a full-time lecturer at POLIS University and is actively engaged in scientific and applied research.

Kejt DHRAMI PhD is a spatial planning and regional development expert at Co-PLAN, and lecturer at Polis University. She completed her doctoral studies in 2020, in the IDAUP (Polis / Ferrara) program, focusing on the relationship between spatial typologies, urban morphology and land development indicators. Kejt has over 8 years of work experience in research, project acquisition, as well as project implementation and management for regional, local and sectoral planning, drafting general local plans, designing regional development programs, disaster risk reduction plans, social housing plans, detailed local plans, territorial development strategies, etc. Her skills extend to GIS database systems management and operationalization. Kejt has managed several initiatives / activities within international projects, funded by USAID, World Bank, IADSA, UNDP, etc., as well as Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects. Currently, Kejt is Head of the Territorial Governance and Spatial Planning Unit at Co-PLAN.

Fiona IMAMI PhD is a regional development programming, planning & monitoring expert and researcher with a strong educational background in planning and management issues, and a doctoral studies programme in 2021 in the IDAUP (Polis / Ferrara) program.

With a professional experience of around 10 years, Fiona has significantly contributed to central and local government institutions in Albania, specializing in strategic document preparation and administrative staff capacity building. Over the years she has worked especially in project implementation and management for local and regional planning and programming, including here drafting of territorial plans, economic development strategies, regional and national programmers etc. funded by various international institutions such as USAID, ADA, SDC, GIZ and UNDP. On a management level, she has long contributed to project acquisition, project writing and management of various project teams and working groups. As a researcher Fiona’s current interests spans over fostering green transition initiatives, in which she’s involved in EU Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects funded projects. Additionally, Fiona’s academic rigor is sustained by her continuous engagement as lecturer at Polis university and her commitment in authoring and co-authoring a list of scientific and policy papers.

Ledio ALLKJA PhD is a spatial and urban planning expert. He has been working at Co-Plan since 2017 in the Territorial Governance and Planning Department. He conducted his bachelor studies (2011) at the University of West of England in Bristol on Property Development and Planning. Afterwards, continued his master at Radboud University Nijmegen on European Spatial and Environmental Planning (2012), and his PhD on Europeanization of Spatial Planning Systems at the Vienna University of Technology (2020). Since 2012 he has worked also at POLIS University as a lecturer and researcher. His work experience include preparation of general local territorial plans (Zagoria, Krume, Sarande, Shkoder, Mat), preparation of the General National Territorial Plan for Albania, the Integrated Cross Sectorial Plan for the Tirana-Durres area. At Co-PLAN he has been involved in different key projects in the areas of Urban Development and Management (PLGP), Disaster Risk Reduction and adaptive planning, housing etc. He has over 8 years of work experience in research, project writing, project implementation and project management.

Enkela PORO has been a part of Co-PLAN since 2022 and currently holds the position of Environmental Engineer and Junior Researcher. She earned her bachelor’s degree and MSc. in Environmental Engineering, specializing in Water Treatment, from the Polytechnic University of Tirana, Faculty of Civil Engineering. In the environmental field, she has co-authored around six papers, including “Study of Physico-Chemical Parameters of Surface Waters in the Lana River, Albania” (2018) and “The Determination of Some Organic Pollutants in the Waters of the Seman Basin” (2021). Additionally, she has participated in various small-scale projects with a direct impact on local communities.

Her prior experiences include over five years of work in the communications field. She also has three years of volunteering experience in a student organization, during which she undertook various roles such as facilitator, team leader, and vice-president. During her time at Co-PLAN, Enkela has been responsible for overseeing various tasks, ensuring overall project management, timely provision of activities, and reporting. Her contributions also extend to writing, editing, and distributing content.

Rodion GJOKA, a qualified Environmental Expert, leading the Urban Environmental Management Unit at Co-PLAN Institute for Habitat Development. Over 6 Years of extensive experience in development works, projects, studies, programs and environmental policies as well in environmental evaluation and analysis. Involved in early career with social inclusion, non-formal education and sustainability to continue with regional and local development with a vast focus on infrastructure development of waste management, water supply, wastewater, public lightning, energy efficiency, environmental protection, historical and archaeological legacy protection, helping civil society in raising their knowledge and capacities, campaign development, evaluation methodologies and techniques, grant evaluation and management, research methods and data analysis, reporting and resource management.

Imeldi SOKOLI is an Urban Planner at Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development, since 2015. Mainly his work experience consists of drafting the documents of Local General Plans of Elbasan, Fier, Kucova, Lushnja, Berat and Mat Municipalities in Albania. Mr. Sokoli is graduated in 2014, at the level of Master of Science degree, in Urban Planning and Management with excellent results in Polis University in Tirana, Albania. Graduated with the diploma thesis: Drafting a spatial vision for the cross-border region of Shkodra- Podgorica and the surrounding areas of the Shkodra Lake, through the Cross-border Cooperation Instrument.

Elvis NDREKA is an Environmental Engineer, graduated from the Polytechnic University of Tirana and works as an Environmental and Energy Expert at Co-PLAN. His experience consists of over 10 years of working in several fields related to the energy efficiency, waste management, circular economy and environmental expertise related to green transition, decarbonization, depollution, public sector development, construction sector and nonprofit organizations which are very active within country.

He has been involved in local planning and management developments, in addition he has taken part in a numerous dynamic development in the fields of circular economy, environmental planning and monitoring projects, infrastructure as well as civil and industrial construction and environment, engaging in water supply projects, civil and industrial construction by conducting technical expertise, analytical, environmental and energy assessment and audit, project implementation consultancy and asset management for water supply. He is certified as an environmental expert and auditor of energy systems in buildings and industry processes.

Rea MUKA is a dedicated GIS and Planning Expert affiliated with Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development. She earned her degree in Urban Planning and Management from Polis University in September 2020, where her thesis focused on “The co-existence of urban cultural heritage with future developments in the city of Tirana through Financial Instruments of Land Development,” exploring innovative approaches to heritage preservation.

Currently pursuing a PhD jointly at Polis University and Ferrara University in Architecture and Urban Planning, Rea’s tenure at Co-PLAN has been characterized by valuable contributions. She has played key roles in initiatives such as formulating Social Housing Plans for Albanian municipalities, territorial plans at the village level, and conducting research on ecosystem services in wetlands, specifically the Kune-Vain Lagoon, under the Horizon Europe initiative.

Within Co-PLAN, Rea is involved in various projects spanning disaster risk reduction, circular economy, urban biodiversity, and waste management. Her commitment to ongoing learning reflects her dedication to enhancing environmental and spatial planning practices.

Klesta GALANXHI is a seasoned professional with more than 8 years of experience in multimedia and visual communication. She kickstarted her career as a part-time lecturer in the Design Department at the University of Albania. Her journey then led her through Video and Advertising Companies, TV post-production, and online magazines. Alongside her professional endeavors, she pursued and earned a Professional Master’s Degree in Multimedia from the University of Arts, Tirana.

In 2020, Klesta joined the Co-PLAN team, as part of the Communication Department. Currently serving as the Multimedia Expert, she is entrusted with the creation of visual content, spanning design, video, photography, and brand development and implementation. Furthermore, she plays a key role in the upkeep and enhancement of multiple project websites. Throughout her career, she has leveraged her skills to craft impactful visual narratives and ensure brand consistency across a variety of media platforms. Her portfolio showcases her versatile expertise, evident in her work on aid and donor-funded projects, where she translates complex concepts into visually engaging content.

Erni KOCANI is a distinguished environmental expert currently employed at Co-PLAN. He holds a BSc in Environmental Systems and an MPS in Spatial Planning and GIS Applications from Polis University, Faculty of Urban Planning and Environment Management, Tirana, Albania, in collaboration with IHS/Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Holland. With over 8 years of hands-on experience in the environmental and urban development sector, Mr. Kocani has played a crucial role in implementing projects that prioritize sustainable development and effective environmental resource management.

Throughout his professional journey, he has collaborated with diverse local and national institutions, as well as international teams, actively contributing to the successful execution of projects funded by notable donors such as GIZ, UNEP, Sida, and the EU in Albania and Kosovo. Mr. Kocani’s skill set extends across the full cycle of project management, from project writing to implementation and monitoring. He has collaborated with Civil Society Organizations, fostering partnerships that amplify the impact of environmental initiatives from the local to the national level. His holistic approach, encompassing waste management, circular economy, marine litter, and disaster risk reduction, positions him as a dynamic force in shaping sustainable and resilient environmental practices.

Androniqi NINI is a Finance Specialist at Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development. Her academic qualifications in addition to studies in Finance-Accounting, include postgraduate studies in Master of Science in “Insurance Industry and Risk Management”. Her professional experience is primarily in the private sector in the aviation and automobile industry. Where among other responsibilities she reconciled with third parties, oversaw accounts, and reconciled the internal reporting system with the fiscal one. Androniqi has also been active in conferences organized for young economists with the publication of papers entitled “Wealth generation: The financial Challenges of Generation Y”, and “Challenges for the sustainable development of the Albanian economy and prospects for its integration into the EU ”, etc.

In her role as a Finance Specialist at Co-PLAN, she  has overseen and contributed in key areas such as grant management and financial reporting, ensuring strict compliance with donor regulations. In addition to daily financial tasks such as managing accounts, maintaining precise and up-to-date financial records through proficient use of accounting software, and providing crucial support during audit processes, as well as compliance with tax regulations. Her diverse tasks demonstrate her financial management skills and significantly contribute to Co-PLAN’s financial integrity and regulatory compliance.

Erinda DHESKALI is a project Finance Specialist at Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development, since 2022. She graduated from the Public University of Tirana with a Professional Master degree in the field of Finance-Accounting. Her previous professional experience has been focused in the private and NGO’s sector. Her responsibilities included daily financial management, accounting and internal reporting system with the fiscal one, etc. During this time, Erinda has 3 years of experience as Finance Manager in an active national organization, working with international donors such as SIDA, and European Union including as well as the preparation of Financial Reporting and the supporting in the external Audit for the implemented projects.

In Co-PLAN Erinda has extended her professional experience on managing and monitoring on a daily basis  sub-grants schemes as part of a SIDA ‘s project in which she has to review their Financial Reports ensuring the  completeness with the supporting documents. In addition, she is an added value to Co-PLAN team for supporting in Internal and External organization audit processes, etc.

Altion QIRKO has been a dedicated member of the Co-PLAN team since 2008, serving as an administration driver. With over a decade of experience within the organization, he possesses a deep understanding of its operations and a proven ability to handle challenging situations effectively.

Altion’s work ethic and adaptability make him a reliable team member, capable of navigating various challenges. His contributions have played a role in maintaining a smooth workflow within Co-PLAN.

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