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Job Vacancies

Our people love a good challenge; they are leading experts in what they do, and add valuable experience and professionalism to Co-PLAN. They are young, energetic, come from diverse backgrounds, and reflect at best Co-PLAN’s values and work philosophy.

If you would like to be considered for a position in Co-PLAN, you can either check for opening posts on a regular basis under this section, or upload send your CV and a brief profile to

We look forward to hearing from you!


Research Assistant

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Write, edit, and distribute content in both English and Albanian, including publications, press releases, website content,annual reports, speeches, and other content material that communicates the organization’s activities, products and/or services.
  • Contribute to the organization and management of events such as conferences, workshops, roundtables, etc.;
  • Conducting participatory processes as part of various projects with a strong community mobilisation/ participatory component.
  • Organizing and conducting public meetings, hearing, consultations, etc.;
  • Conducting research, assessments or surveys in aspects with a strong social component;
  • Writing reports, policy briefs, or similar written documents.
  • Conducting research on various topics, in full compliance with the Organisational Research Agenda;
  • Assisting closely the Unit in the process of preparing project proposals, including: monitoring of publication of Calls forProject Proposals, writing a project proposal, and
    preparing the supporting documentation.
  • Prepare monitoring reports; assessments; analyses;

Applications are accepted until March, 15, 2021, 17:00h.

For more information: Research_Assistant_Vacancy_Co-PLAN

Research and Environment Expert

Main Duties and Responsibilities, comprise direct engagement with Co-PLAN Urban Environmental Management Unit for the implementation of activities and projects managed by this unit. For instance:

  • Research and Project Acquisition (familiar with EU, H2020 and IPA calls)
  • Capacity building, Project Implementation and Reporting
  • Sub-grantee monitoring and grant management.
  • Waste Management and Alternative Fuels
  • Air Pollution, Noise Pollution and Urban Ecosystems data.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment/ Strategic Environmental Management
  • Environmental Legislation (National and EU Directives)
  • Engage with site activities/actions and monitoring practice.
  • Work in the realm of Energy, Renewables, Mobility, Pollution Calculation and Smart Cities.
  • Should be able to conduct and deliver thematic articles both in Albanian and English regarding recent developments/topic in the realm of environment.
  • Assistance to the policy and research experts during research activities and policy writing on themes pertinent to Environmental Management;

For more information: 2021 Call for Environmental Expert tor

Internships at Co-PLAN



Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat and Development successfully collaborates with national and international students and experts from different backgrounds.


Co-PLAN accepts internship applications on a continual basis. To become an intern with us you need to be affiliated to a university programme or academic/development institution, and the internship should preferably be part of your PhD and post-doctoral studies and research. Your application should include (i) a relevant CV, (ii) a cover letter stating your specific interests and objectives and indicative time span of your involvement with us, (iii) a short research proposal describing specific activities intended during the internship, and (iv) a support letter, or documentation that shows the link between your application and relevant study area or research program, from your university or institution. Internships lasting 3-12 months are preferable, but we remain open to evaluating other suggestions. Pay for the duration of the internship is not a guarantee, and funding of research activities is subject to negotiations pertaining to mutual interests.


Before applying, we encourage applicants to consult Co-PLAN’s web-page and our activities in order to familiarize with our work.


Please direct your inquiries, or send your application, with the heading ‘Application for Internship’, to


We appreciate all applications and make a point of getting back as soon as possible.

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