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Our people love a good challenge; they are leading experts in what they do, and add valuable experience and professionalism to Co-PLAN. They are young, energetic, come from diverse backgrounds, and reflect at best Co-PLAN’s values and work philosophy.

If you would like to be considered for a position in Co-PLAN, you can either check for opening posts on a regular basis under this section, or upload send your CV and a brief profile to

We look forward to hearing from you!


Environment Expert

Main Tasks and Responsibilities, comprise direct engagement with Co-PLAN Environment Unit for the implementation of activities and projects, consisting as following:

  • Assisting on Project Implementation and Reporting
  • Assisting on sub-grantee management, capacity building
  • Intermediate knowledge on waste management, alternative fuels, decarbonization.
  • Comfortable with public consultation, presenting and communication
  • Environmental Legislation (National and EU Directives)
  • Should be able to conduct and deliver thematic articles both in Albanian and English regarding recent developments/topic in the realm of environment.
  • Assistance to the research team during site activities and policy writing on themes pertinent to Environment;

For more information: Call for Environmental Expert

Applications are accepted until May 6th 2022, 15:00h.


Office Administration and Procurement

Main Duties and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide administrative support during acquisition processes;
  • Provide administrative support related to human recourses management.
  • Provide administrative support in different agreements preparation forms and administrative forms
  • Constant monitoring and evidencing of public or private procurement procedures announced on domestic and foreign platforms;
  • Examine and preparation of documentation according to the Terms of Reference for application in each procurement procedure;
  • Maintaining an efficient documentation and filing system, including hard copies and electronic formats;
  • Update and maintain projects records, assemble, collate, distribute and archive projects information and provide this information upon request;

For more information: Terms of reference office administration and procurement

Applications are accepted until April 30, 2022


Spatial Planning Expert

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work under the supervision of the head of territorial governance and spatial planning unit;
  • Carry out activities related to projects in the field of spatial planning, disaster risk reduction, territorial governance; urban resilience
  • Undertake data collection, entry, mining, computation and processing at municipal and regional level
  • Prepare detailed analytical studies for specific issues related to spatial planning, disaster risk reduction, territorial governance; urban resilience
  • Work closely with experts from diverse disciplines to propose realistic spatial recommendations
  • Carry out independent work for site investigation; research and communication with relevant stakeholders
  • Undertake data collection, entry, mining, computation and processing at municipal and regional level on GIS software
  • Undertake advanced GIS spatial analysis of different aspects of territorial development at municipal and regional level

For more information: Spatial Planning Expert Vacancy_Co-PLAN


Internships at Co-PLAN

Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat and Development successfully collaborates with national and international students and experts from different backgrounds.

Co-PLAN accepts internship applications on a continual basis. To become an intern with us you need to be affiliated to a university programme or academic/development institution, and the internship should preferably be part of your PhD and post-doctoral studies and research. Your application should include (i) a relevant CV, (ii) a cover letter stating your specific interests and objectives and indicative time span of your involvement with us, (iii) a short research proposal describing specific activities intended during the internship, and (iv) a support letter, or documentation that shows the link between your application and relevant study area or research program, from your university or institution. Internships lasting 3-12 months are preferable, but we remain open to evaluating other suggestions. Pay for the duration of the internship is not a guarantee, and funding of research activities is subject to negotiations pertaining to mutual interests.

Before applying, we encourage applicants to consult Co-PLAN’s web-page and our activities in order to familiarize with our work.

Please direct your inquiries, or send your application, with the heading ‘Application for Internship’, to

We appreciate all applications and make a point of getting back as soon as possible.

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