Fiscal Decentralization Conference

Tirana, October 4, 2012 – Today, the USAID Planning and Local Governance Project in Albania” (PLGP) holds the Conference on Fiscal Decentralization. Working both at the national policy level and at the local level, PLGP aims to promote an inclusive dialogue and help build a bipartisan consensus on issues of strategic importance to local governments. Attendees include: the US Ambassador Alexander Arvizu, the Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha, Mayors of PLGP partner LGUs, representatives from Ministries of Interior and Finance, donor community working in local governance and NGOs.

The Story of the 4 Apartments

Four stories of four apartments in Tirana, two from the communist period, 1950/90’s and two constructed after 1990’s, were at the center of an exhibition organized in the premises of Polis University, displaying and analyzing functional changes, how they have influenced on the users quality of life and how are they related with the general conditions in the society in that period. This exhibition is a section of a broader research: “Quality of life change the quality of space”, conducted in cooperation with Co-Plan Institute for habitat development, through the project of research studies on the topic of “The Typology of Albanian Housing in its Balkan Context”.

About Co-PLAN

In the early ‘90s, some young Albanian experts, assisted by the specialized Dutch organisations, successfully piloted the first experiences of ‘realistic’ urban planning in some critical areas in Tirana, Albania. This stage, marked the inception of the Institute for Habitat Development, Co-PLAN; despite the resistance and the pressure at the time, Co-PLAN successfully replicated these models in the years to follow, at wider level, to encompass ‘the city’.
The impacting results generated appreciation and praise amongst the international organisations, and a heated political debate in the country; the following histories of success of Co-PLAN’s activity served as an account and solid foundations for building partnerships with the central and local government units. A benchmark moment in the journey of Co-PLAN’s growth was marked by EGUG [Enabling Good Urban Governance] funded by the Dutch government, which served as a reference point for programs of other donors. The growth and progress of Co-PLAN has in fact been a response to the three stages of urban development and governance in Albania, and an effort to precede its problems.  >>

Completion of the MATRA Project

The successful completion of the project “Fostering Partnerships For Equitable Cities – Capacity building for participatory spatial planning“, has been celebrated together with distinguished guests and His Excellency Martin dela Beij, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tirana. Over the past three years, the Dutch government  (MATRA) funded project has worked to promote participatory neighbourhood planning, and develop capacity building in spatial development. To this end, Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development, have worked in close cooperation with the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), and POLIS University, piloting the project in the municipalities of Durrës, Shkodër and Fier.

Forumi i Kryebashkiakëve për Transformim Urban

Për herë të parë organizohet në Tiranë “Forumi i Kryebashkiakëve për Transformimin Urban”, për të mundësuar diskutimin e hapur mes pushtetit qendror, njësive të qeverisjes vendore dhe profesionistëve. Aktiviteti Kombëtar është organizuar nga Ministria e Zhvillimit Urban dhe Turizmit dhe Agjencia Kombëtare e Planifikimit të Territorit, në bashkëpunim me Projektin e USAID “Për Planifikim dhe Qeverisje Vendore”(PLGP) dhe Universiteti Polis, në kuadër të “Javëve të Arkitekturës në Tiranë 2014”. Forumi zhvillohet më 29 dhe 30 Shtator në orën 09.00 në Universitetin Polis.

Environmental Film Festival

The future of the environment where we live, is closely related to our future. In conditions of rapid urban development where environmental impact is becoming more visible, environmental protection has become a necessity. In order stimulate an environmentally aware culture, the first edition of the Environmental Film Festival in Albania, was held between 22-25 May. The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Water Administration in Albania, supported by the Delegation of the European GIZ chose film, workshops and an exhibition to convey the message to the audience in the capital and in the cities of Vlora, Pogradec, Shkodra, etc. Co-PLAN airtime brought two short films, as well as an exhibition ‘retrospective’ to highlight how consumer behavior has changed Albanians in years, with corresponding impact on the environment.

Çmimi Special i Lidershipit Shqiptar 2014

Co-PLAN, Instituti për Zhvillimin e Habitatit dhe Universiteti POLIS, organizuan ceremoninë e dhënies së “Çmimit Special Lidershipi Shqiptar 2014” Z. Behgjet Pacolli. Ky çmim iu akordohet Z. Pacolli me motivacionin: 
− Qytetar e politikan aktiv i cili ka kanalizuar energjitë dhe angazhimin e tij publik duke kontribuar për konsolidimin e shtetit, pluralizmit politik dhe demokracisë në Kosovë. − Sipërmarrës i suksesshëm në fushat e ndërtimtarisë dhe zhvillimit i cili pas një përvoje të gjerë ndërkombëtare është investuar në Kosovë dhe më gjerë në trojet shqipfolëse. − Mbështetës i iniciativave qytetare-akademike dhe i projekteve zyrtare shtetërore për bashkëpunimin më të mirë mes shqiptarëve, rajonit, dhe sidomos në procesin e integrimit europian.

Co-PLAN’s Proposal on the Regionalisation of Albania

Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development based on the analytical work conducted over the years, at least since 2005, and also in line with the role of this organization as part of the ‘Regional Development Program in Northern Albania’ project, is pleased to share with you the proposal: ‘The Regionalisation of Albania: The governance, administrative and territorial reform that Albania needs’. This document reflects the work as presented by Co-PLAN during

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Propozimi i Co-PLAN mbi Organizimin e Shqipërisë në Rajone

Co-PLAN, Instituti për Zhvillimin e Habitatit mbi bazën e punës analitike të kryer në vite, së paku që prej vitit 2005, dhe mbi bazën e rolit të kësaj organizate në kuadër të projektit të Zhvillimit Rajonal për Shqipërinë e Veriut, ju fton të njiheni me propozimin: “Rajonalizimi i Shqipërisë: Reforma qeverisëse, administrative dhe territoriale që i duhet Shqipërisë në nivel rajonal”. Ky dokument reflekton propozimin e paraqitur nga Co-PLAN në

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