Request for Proposal on Research and Data Gathering for Mapping Green Transition in Western Balkan Countries: Kosovo, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the framework of Horizon Europe Project ‘GreenFORCE – Foster Research Excellence for Green Transition in the Western Balkans’ (Grant no:101059411), Co-PLAN is seeking for local partners/consultants in the three countries – Kosovo, Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina – to support the work of Co-PLAN to ‘Assess just green transition impacts and costs’ in the respective territories of two out of the three countries of Kosovo, Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina. This assessment should show how a certain sector, policy, territory, industry, etc. is transforming to contribute to just green transition for climate change adaptation and mitigation (decarbonisation, less pollution, less waste, etc.) and what impacts (social, economic and environmental) does this transformation manifest on the society on short and long-term.

More information about this call, procedures, steps, required documentation, rules and timeline of the whole process, can be found in the documents below.

The application can be sent at until December 11th, 2022.

ToRs_Mapping Green Transition in WB_011122

Annex 1- Financial Offer

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