Journal of Western Balkan Network on Territorial Governance (TG-WeB)

Annual Review of Territorial Governance in the Western Balkans is a periodical publication with select policy briefs on matters related to territorial governance, sketching the present situation, the Europeanisation process, the policy and the research and development agenda for the near future. The publication targets policy-makers and policy-influencing actors.
  1. Adaptive Territorial Governance in the Face of Uncertainty and Transitions
    Dritan Shutina
  2. Positioning Western Balkan Spatial Governance and Planning in the European Framework
    Umberto Janin Rivolin
  3. The Legacy of Yugoslavia: The Historical Roots of Spatial Planning Legislation and Institutions in Bosnia & Herzegovina
    Neda Živak, Marjan Marjanović, Marko Ivanišević
  4. Obstacles to Cross-border Cooperation and Integration in Western Balkan Countries
    Sabine Zillmer, Dea Hrelja, Maria Toptsidou, Nicola Brignani, Sandra Spule, Thomas Stumm
  5. Seasonal Workers in the Western Balkans: Permanent Challenges and Cooperation Opportunities 
    Fiona Imami, Anila (Gjika) Bejko, Milica Andjelkovic
  6. Improving the Governance and Administration of Agricultural Land in Albania
    Sherif Lushaj
  7. Sarajevo: The Post-war City in Transition: Future Scenarios for the Post-Pandemic City
    Nataša Pelja Tabori
  8. Risk – Uncertainty – Complexity and Foresight as Alternative Planning Tools for Natural Disasters: The Medicane ‘Ianos’ in Greece
    Pantoleon Skayannis, Ersi Zafeiriou
  9. Is COVID-19 Going to Influence our Human-Space Relationship? A Policy Approach from Greece
    Eleni Komninou

Read the full publication here: Annual Review of Territorial Governance in the Western Balkans 2021

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