Journal of Western Balkan Network on Territorial Governance (TG-WeB)

Annual Review of Territorial Governance in the Western Balkans is a periodical publication with select policy briefs on matters related to territorial governance, sketching the present situation, the Europeanisation process, the policy and the research and development agenda for the near future. The publication targets policy-makers and policy-influencing actors.
  1. Ediorial: Adaptive Territorial Governance in the Face of COVID-19
    Giancarlo Cotella
  2. Policy Debate: Government and Governance on the Western Balkans 
    Andreas Faludi
  3. Tourism Development in the Western Balkans: Towards a Common Policy
    Enrico Porfido
  4. Tourism in Transition, the Post COVID-19 Aftermath in the Western Balkans
    Peter Nientied, Dritan Shutina
  5. Universities and Socio-cultural Institutions in Highly Uncertain Contexts: Challenges and Opportunities during COVID-19 in three Western Balkan Countries
    Ledio Allkja, Esmerina Hidri
  6. Municipal Finances in the COVID-19 Context: The Case of Gazi Baba and Shkodër Municipalities
    Merita Toska, Marjan Nikolov, Vesna Garvanlieva Andonova, Sasho Trajkov
  7. Socio-economic Effects of COVID-19 in Bulgaria: A Spatial Analysis
    Hristo Dokov, Kalina Milkova, Ivaylo Stamenkov
  8. Transboundary Water Management in the Western Balkans: Challenges of the Land-Water Nexus in the Drin River Basin
    Francesca Vanelli, Besmira Dyca, Paul Rabé
  9. Economic Viability of Alternatives for Lignite-free Electricity Production in North Macedonia: The Case of TTP Oslomej
    Vesna Garvanlieva Andonova, Marjan Nikolov
  10. CENTROPE Initiative – Lessons Learned and Inspirations for the Western Balkans
    Maroš Finka, Milan Husár, and Matej Jaššo

Read the full publication here: Annual Review of Territorial Governance in the Western Balkans II

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