Civil society and activism

Co-PLAN has cultivated significant civil society engagement and activism expertise, leveraging its longstanding commitments to grassroots initiatives and community-driven development. With over two decades of experience, Co-PLAN plays a pivotal role in fostering civic participation and empowering local communities to advocate for their rights and interests. Through strategic partnerships and collaborative initiatives, Co-PLAN facilitates the emergence of a vibrant civil society ecosystem in Albania, characterized by active citizen engagement, advocacy campaigns, and grassroots mobilization. Our organization provides crucial support to civil society organizations, community groups, and activists, equipping them with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to effect positive change in their communities.

Products and Services

  • Capacity building and training to empower civil society actors with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively engage in advocacy, community organizing, and social activism.
  • Advocacy and policy influence: supporting civil society organizations in their advocacy efforts to influence policy-making processes and promote social justice, human rights, gender equality, environmental sustainability, and good governance.
  • Community mobilization and empowerment: facilitating community mobilization and empowerment initiatives that enable local residents to participate actively in decision-making processes, voice their concerns, and drive positive change in their neighborhoods; empower communities to identify and prioritize development needs, design and implement grassroots projects and advocate for their rights and interests;
  • Coalition building and networking: facilitating collaboration and networking among civil society organizations, community groups, activists, and other stakeholders to amplify their collective impact and leverage synergies;
  • Promoting civic engagement and public awareness through awareness-raising campaigns and dedicated activism days (#NAD), public events, community forums, and media outreach activities.
  • Supporting civil society monitoring and oversight mechanisms to hold government institutions and other stakeholders accountable for their actions and decisions;
  • Advocacy hub and knowledge exchange platform: Co-PLAN provides a functional advocacy hub and platform for sharing, exchanging, and networking among civil society actors, state institutions, and other stakeholders.

Implemented and ongoing projects and/or publications:

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