Economic Development, Innovation and Sustainable Tourism

Economic development happens in the territory where the networks and synergies between different development partners are initiated/created and grown towards successful businesses and social interactions. For more than 20 years, Co-PLAN has worked at various levels to assess, map, analyze, and synergize between the specific potentials and needs of the territories and the relevant stakeholders/development partners that interact in these territories. Co-PLAN has supported local economies, encouraged innovation in various sectors, and ensured that sustainable tourism initiatives contribute positively to economic growth and environmental conservation. Co-PLAN tackles local growth and development needs holistically, understanding the role of the different development partners (government institutions, CSOs, businesses and business associations, academia and knowledge-related institutions, and media) in the territory and working to create and facilitate the necessary exchange and ecosystems that boost successful partnerships for economic development. Co-PLAN itself has ample experience in innovation in management and social innovation (through innovative projects and interventions). These experiences have been primarily focused on not-for-profit private sector-related start-ups and public institutions. For some years now, Co-PLAN has fostered innovation as a catalyst for economic development by facilitating the creation of conducive ecosystems that nurture entrepreneurship, creativity, and technological advancement. In addition, over the past decade, Co-PLAN has recognized the potential of tourism as a driver of economic growth and environmental conservation, and our approach to tourism development emphasizes sustainability, cultural preservation, and community empowerment.

Products and Services

  • Territorial economic assessments, in-depth analyses to identify economic strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats within specific territories;
  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis: understanding the roles and interests of diverse stakeholders to facilitate effective collaboration and partnership development;
  • Local Economic Development strategies: preparing strategies to capitalize on territorial potentials driving sustainable economic growth and resilience;
  • Capacity building for Innovation through training and support programs to nurture promising startups and innovative ventures;
  • Incubation support: offering incubation services and mentorship programs
  • Access to funding opportunities: connecting innovators with funding sources and investment opportunities to fuel their growth and expansion;
  • Sustainable Tourism development planning: designing tourism initiatives that promote economic growth while safeguarding natural and cultural heritage;
  • Social innovation for tourism: supporting initiatives that harness the power of tourism to address local challenges and promote community development;
  • Sustainable tourism practices: promoting responsible tourism practices that minimize negative impacts on the environment and local communities while maximizing socio-economic benefits;

Implemented and ongoing projects and/or publications

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