Grant management/cascade funding

Co-PLAN has cultivated extensive expertise as a grant managing institution, adept at implementing and monitoring grant schemes funded by various donors. This proficiency extends to the successful execution of European Union (EU) funded projects, complemented by specialized knowledge in enhancing innovation ecosystems within specific sectors. Moreover, our organization has provided both financial assistance and technical support to propel the growth of private and public entities, guiding them through the stages of ideation, validation, and sustainable expansion for long-term viability. Co-PLAN (on its own and in partnership) has successfully implemented at least five grant schemes, totaling more than Euro 10 million. It continues to successfully manage over 400 grantees, ranging from public institutions (local governments) to not-for-profit organizations and businesses. This wealth of experience underscores our core competency, capacity, and adaptability in navigating evolving landscapes to address the dynamic needs of businesses and communities alike.

Products and Services

  • Grant scheme design and implementation: design tailored grant schemes to address specific development needs and objectives; implement grant schemes from inception to completion, including grant disbursement, monitoring, and evaluation;
  • Capacity building and training: providing capacity building programs for grantees on project management, proposal writing, financial management, and compliance with donor regulations;
  • Offering technical assistance and support to grantees throughout the project lifecycle, including project implementation, reporting, monitoring, and troubleshooting;
  • Developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks to track the progress and impact of grant-funded projects;
  • Facilitating partnerships and collaboration between grantees and relevant stakeholders, including government institutions, academia, private sector entities, civil organizations, media, etc.;
  • Engage with key stakeholders to align grant projects with broader development goals and priorities;
  • Disseminating best practices and creating platforms for knowledge exchange and networking among grant recipients and other stakeholders;
  • Conducting impact assessments to measure the effectiveness and sustainability of grant interventions and advocating for policy changes based on the evidence and insights granted from grant-funded projects;
  • Providing financial and technical assistance to private and public organizations at various stages of development, from ideation to growth.

Implemented and ongoing projects and/or publications

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