Europeanisation Beyond Process

Co-PLAN in 2017, took upon itself an initiative supported also by OSIFE through its program “Europianisation Beyond Process”, to expand its vision towards Albania`s Europianisation with focuss on erritorial governance policies in various levels on pourpose factoring in policies and EU debates. This initiative which is co-financed by Co-PLAN is aimed at building human infrastructure and strengthening the organisation in the upcoming challenges of intergation.

To this extent, Co-PLAN uttilises different tools to play a role in the integration process:
1) Contribution in debates between Albania, West Balkan and EU, represented as part of academic networks.
2) Contribution on discussion about Albania Europianisation emphasizing the importance of European policies and the interconnections between Albania and Europe. Focusing on regional and territorial perspective, it expands the perspective from “Is EU interested in West Balkan”, to “Albania plays a constructive role for the future of EU and has a lot to acquire through its collaboration with EU”.
3) Presentation of research findings in Albania and EU regarding territorial governance based on liason territorial features and resources with the development of multi – actors networks capacities and needs, that leads towards a solid base towards democratization and open governance.

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