National Tourism Forum: “Standards for Quality and Sustainable Tourism”

The topic of classification and standardization in accommodation structures in Albania was addressed at the National Tourism Forum: “Standards for Quality and Sustainable Tourism”, developed at Expocity Albania as part of the activities of the fifth edition of the “International Tourism Fair” in Albania.

The issue of revising the law on tourism on the processes of classification, categorization and standardization of accommodation structures, as well as the increase of capacities and training of human resources when it comes to the service, was raised in the discussion.

The Deputy Minister of Tourism and Environment, Vilma Bello, tourism experts and representatives from the enterprise agreed that in conditions where Albania has an increase in the number of tourists, the challenge remains to improve the conditions for their reception and accommodation, but also to formalize the market related to apartments and houses that offer this service.

This activity was organized by Nevila Popa, Senior Tourism Expert supported by the #ideAL project, “Dialogue for the development of comprehensive policies in Albania-ideAL”, implemented by the Co-PLAN Institute for Habitat Development and the European Policy Center (EPC, Belgium) with the financial support of the European Union European Union in Albania.

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