Organizational Capacities and Skills

Co-PLAN boasts an experienced team of approximately 20 professional experts, with most holding post-graduate degrees from abroad, ensuring comprehensive expert advice and analytical support. In addition to our full-time staff, we maintain a network of local and international experts, allowing us to tailor our team to meet the specific expertise, experience, and commitments required for each project. Over the years, we have cultivated local and international partnerships with similar organizations and research institutions, collaborating on project conceptualization and implementation.

To ensure the successful execution of our projects, Co-PLAN has invested in modern working premises fully equipped with amenities such as personal computers, printing and photocopying facilities, high-speed internet, and communication tools. Located in Polis University, it provides Co-PLAN staff access to further infrastructure and amenities, such as laboratories, 3D printers, VR, etc. Since our establishment, we have experienced continuous growth, reflecting and often leading developments in our core areas of expertise. We prioritize investment in qualified personnel and uphold unparalleled standards for our donors and community.

Transparency and accountability are fundamental values at Co-PLAN, underpinning our organizational success. We uphold financial transparency through robust financial management and undergo annual audits by authorized international auditing firms. Our audit reports are published on our website as part of our annual reports, and further information is available upon request.

Our core strengths align with our values, including a highly qualified team of experts, a deep understanding of local dynamics, adaptation of an integral approach to projects, extensive experience on local, national, and regional levels, solid partnerships with various organizations, and proficiency in conducting qualitative research in our core fields, often introducing innovative concepts and practices to the Albanian context.

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