KINDLE Advocacy

  • Thursday September 7th, 2017
  • Closed
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KINDLE Advocacy is implemented by Co-PLAN with the support of the US Embassy in Tirana. The project tackles the need for the young CSO-s and newly emerging activists to articulate evidence-based responses in influencing policy-making in pressing issues related to city-making, democracy and environment. The project aims to strengthen internal capacities of local CSO-s and young activists to monitor, analyze, and undertake concrete steps/actions through a dual/integral approach, providing the target groups with both, capacity development and advocating experience. A tailored capacity development program is envisioned in the form of structured workshops and coaching components, covering five core themes under the overarching multilevel governance, such as elections, communication for impact, urban activisms, environmental resources and a free topic. In the process the participants will have improved their knowledge of how to engage in policy processes (monitoring, analyzing, influencing), how to establish dialogue platforms with the local/regional/ and national authorities, how to raise particular pressing issues within the sector, and how to initiate lobbying and advocacy actions in view of influencing policy-making. In the end, all the project findings and results, in the form of policy briefs, recommendations, and awareness raising campaigns will be used for influencing policy-making and policy-implementation of the actual causes of the participating organizations and activists.

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