Inducing local economic development in underserved areas through the establishment of a Livestock Market and Educational Laboratory for Sustainable Livestock Farming in the Municipality of Lushnje

The proposed project set forth by the Municipality of Lushnje in partnership with Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development in response to the Italian-Albanian Debt for Development Swap Agreement (IADSA), has a set overall objective that seeks to support sustainable, local development and promote green economy based on livestock farming and trading activity in the Municipality of Lushnje. In more specific terms, the project aims to: Boost local economic development through sustainable livestock farming activities; Improve trading conditions and food security in the livestock farming sector.  The proposed project has been designed with sustainability as a fundamental guiding principle, and as such purposely adopts an environmentally conscious approach. It will benefit a wide array of local stakeholders, like: residents of the Municipality of Lushnje; farmers in the region; educational institutions; veterinarians specialized in livestock products; residents of the Administrative Unit of Bubullime; local business operators; consumers of meat products in the region; etc.

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