Local Democracy Promotion Project – Lëviz Albania

  • Thursday September 7th, 2017
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Implementation Period: 2014 – Ongoing
Donor: Swiss Embassy in Albania
Fund: 6,600,000 CHF
Implemented in: Albania
Implemented by: Open Society Foundation Albania, Co-PLAN, Partners Albania

The project “Local Democracy Promotion Project – Lëviz Albania” was approved during 2014, bringing together The Open Society Foundation in Albania (OSFA), Co-PLAN and Partners Albania as implementing partners. The Swiss Development Cooperation supported project, aims to have a catalytic impact on the local democracy in Albania, through support to various drivers of change, be them citizens, community based groups or civil society organizations cultivating a locally rooted, demand-driven and influential civil society at sub-national level across Albania. More specifically, the project objectives are:

  1. To establish and strengthen platforms which enable various drivers of change to increase their interaction and engagement with their representatives and demand accountability from them;
  2. To mobilize and engage civil society.

To achieve this, the project consortium has fashioned a strategy that will:

  • Mobilize local change agents in creative ways,
  • Spotlight national attention on their ideas and activities,
  • Foster horizontal and vertical stakeholder coalitions to address vexing challenges, and
  • Promote strategic synergies between projects building demand for good governance and those strengthening the ability of public institutions to supply good governance.

The expected result is a vast increase in citizen engagement and oversight of local governance leading to far greater transparency, accountability and improved public services.

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