‘SPARKs: Supporting Civic Activism and Advocacy Initiatives in Albania’

The project ‘SPARKs: Supporting Civic Activism and Advocacy Initiatives in Albania’ (hereinafter referred to as SPARK) implemented by Co- PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development, tackles the need to expand and strengthen the community of activists in Albania by enhancing their internal capacities to monitor, analyze, and undertake concrete actions contributing to tangible change to their communities or groups they represent. SPARK aims to promote  and spread the culture of activism and advocacy nationwide by facilitating interaction and exchange between activists, civil society organizations, media, researchers, etc. and support structured and evidence-based policy dialogue in pressing issues and important democracy and governance processes.  To make this happen, a series of tailored capacity development and coaching processes are envisioned in the form of workshops and coaching components, covering theoretical and practical aspects of activism and advocacy. In the process the participants will have improved their knowledge of how to engage in various activism forms, and in advocacy processes (monitoring, analyzing, influencing), how to establish dialogue platforms with the local/regional/ and national authorities, how to raise particular pressing issues within the sector, and how to initiate lobbying and advocacy actions in view of influencing policy-making. For more news, follow us on https://shkendija.org or our social media.

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