European Spatial Integration: The Western Balkans Discontinuity

By Ada Lushi|Friday December 21st, 2018|Papers, Publications|

Read full article here: European Spatial Integration: The Western Balkans Discontinuity

Annual Review of Territorial Governance in Albania, I, 2018, Page 156-166

Giancarlo Cotella


The EU spatial agenda has progressively gained momentum since the end of the 1980s. A number of spatial strategies and visions have been produced, reflecting upon ongoing development trajectories and, more pragmatically, providing ground upon which to establish redistribution choices. This process has had to take into account the progressive widening of the EU, whereas the enlargement of territories presenting different socio-economic and territorial characteristics has challenged the EU’s attempt to promote economic, social, and territorial cohesion. In light of this, with the enlargement to the Western Balkan region on the agenda, it is time to reflect upon its implications for the future of the EU’s spatial development.

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