Completion of the MATRA Project

The know-how and the case-studies developed during the project implementation, have been further refined, and compiled into a practical publication titled ‘New practices in land development and management in Albania’, particularly intended for urban planning professionals, developers, and decision-makers.

During the activity, which was organized on April 19, 2013 at Polis University, a substantial, well-researched ambitious publication particularly aimed at policy-influencing was presented: ‘Policyfollowers or Policymakers! II’. This publication is the second in line, as part of Co-PLAN’s commitment to contribute to the articulation of an alternative in terms of good governance, and to continuously offer alternatives on urban development, territorial and environmental management. Through this publication, Co-PLAN intends to further the discussion on such matters, hoping that a good part of the ideas proposed through the articles of this book, will become part of a professional and political discussion, to be further adopted into development policies.

Part of the celebration became also the 90 graduates who received their postgraduate diplomas in spatial planning, as part of the professional master program, organized by Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development, in collaboration with IHS/Erasmus University and Polis University. The participants were greeted by the newly established Dutch Alumni Association, a very well received enterprise.


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