CROSS-REIS – CROSS-Disciplinary Network for Research Excellence in Regenerative Economy Innovation Eco-Systems

CROSS-REIS is an EU-Horizon funded project, that aims to raise excellence in science and value creation through deeper and geographically inclusive cooperation in an alliance of higher education and research institutions in 5 widening and 4 science-leading European countries, to support the shift towards a regenerative economy paradigm. Global competitiveness and visibility of the HE institutions in widening countries are to be improved by creating critical knowledge and research mass through cooperation with leading European research institutions in the area of the regenerative economy directly aimed towards the twin green and digital transitions.

This is to be achieved through clearly defined and measurable sub-goals:

  • To achieve a more balanced circulation of talents leading to a diverse and inclusive research community and innovative research outcomes, by organizing exchanges, short visits and conferences participations;
  • To reinforce the role of HE institutions in innovative ecosystems, by bringing additional expertise and resources by European leading research-intensive institutions to support the development of innovative ideas;
  • To mainstream practices and tools for open knowledge and data sharing;
  • To make progress toward reforming the research assessment system, including career assessment;
  • To improve links between science and business by providing access to networks, resources and expertise to support the development of business partnerships and collaborations;
  • To promote gender equality, diversity and inclusiveness;
  • To accelerate society’s green and digital transition to support ERA Policy Agenda action 11;
  • To encourage collaboration with third-country entities to support ERA Policy Agenda action 9.

The project contributes to the aims of empowering universities as actors of change in R&I by promoting cross-sectoral collaboration between universities and other actors in the R&I ecosystem, improving their knowledge valorisation capabilities and contributing to raising excellence in science.

To read more about the project follow the link to the official website.

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