#EUforMunicipalities project in Albania is funded by the European Union in Albania.

Our partners on implementing the project:
Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South-East Europe (NALAS);
Shoqata Per Autonomi Vendore;
Shoqata e Bashkive të Shqipërisë

This project will foster the development potential of municipalities and improve the socio-economic and environmental conditions of local communities in Albania.

The action addresses the main problems that affect the quality of life and economic perspectives of Albanian citizens at local level along the urban-rural divide due to capacity limitations of local Governments to assume the provision of quality public services.

The action will address the constraints in financial, administrative and management capacity to improve local infrastructure, to provide basic services, deliver new/improved services, create better opportunities for local economic development, and to assume a proactive role to contribute to territorial cohesion and sustainable local economic development.

It will do so through direct grant support and local communities empowerment, enhancing the municipalities’ contribution to the country’s EU integration process.

The action will consider of paramount importance sustaining strategic processes while enabling local Governments to mobilize resources to implement their plans and strategies by streamlining their priorities and needs with strong consideration of citizen participation in defining strategic development objectives.

Therefore, it will help create a model or “best practice” for local Governments and citizens on how development priorities should be defined, streamlined and implemented and the direct role the EU can have in improving governance and the quality of life of citizens.

Through infrastructure interventions, quality of and access to local public services will improve and territorial cohesion will be enhanced, LGs will be strengthened to implement their functions and enabled to assume responsibilities. On the other hand, citizens will enjoy better living conditions through access of improved public infrastructure and public services delivery thus creating a conducive environment for local economic development, social cohesion and an improved business entourage.

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