Analysis of seasonal workers engagement in agriculture and tourism in Albania

The labor market in Albania is governed by the Labor Law, which does not recognize seasonal work as a specific form of labor engagement but views it as a part-time job.

Considering the immediate need to explore and give consideration in the employment system in Albania concerning the relatively high level of seasonal employment, a thorough analysis was undertaken during March – October 2020 by a joint and continuous effort between experts, advisors, and the relevant institutional representatives.

During this analysis, the working team analyzed and evaluated different aspects concerning the employment system and specifically seasonal/temporary employment in Albania, from provisions of the legal framework to seasonal workers in numbers, registrations, and taxation systems as well as a thorough evaluation of the possible reforms.

The analysis has shown that in both Agriculture and Tourism Sector in Albania, there is a relatively high number of seasonally/temporarily engaged workers, which highlights the crucial need to address their rights and obligation as a specific type of employment.

As such, the very first milestone to be set is that the policy on seasonal workers in Albania should clearly define the term ‘seasonal worker’ (with a clear distinction from part-time employers).

For more information read full document here.

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