Preparation of Local Disaster Risk Reduction Strategies and Action Plans for the 6 Municipalities of Fieri Region.

Albania is located in the Western Balkans and according to the World Risk Index (World Risk Index 2022), it is ranked 82 out of 192 countries in the world as the most exposed to natural disasters, as well as among the countries with a high vulnerability factor to them.

The four main hazards affecting the country are earthquakes, floods, forest fires and landslides. The International Disaster Database (EM-DAT) shows that, during the period 1979-2019, floods accounted for a significant proportion of disaster events (38%), followed by earthquakes (15%).

The level of exposure and vulnerability to risks also comes as a result of the combination of various factors such as socio-economic, environmental processes and the institutional and political context in the country. On the other hand, the migratory movements of the population from rural areas to the more urbanized regions of the country have increased the population density in urban areas, placing greater pressure on natural resources. This is accompanied by changes in land use, as well as inadequate urban planning to address housing, infrastructure and service needs.

Fieri Region, due to its position in the western lowlands of the country as well as the water sources that cross it, the River Seman and Vjosa, among the largest in the country, is considered a Region exposed to the risk of natural disasters.

Climate change has made the incidence of these events even higher, leaving local authorities and the population unprepared regarding the measures to be taken for prevention, preparation, response and recovery after a disaster. For this reason, it is necessary to develop strategies for reducing the risk of disasters for each municipality of this region.

For this reason, it is necessary for the municipalities to take concrete steps to prevent the risk, being in accordance with the law, no. 45/2019, dated 18.07.2019, “On civil protection” and the National Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy for the period 2023-2030, continuing with the preparation of Local Disaster Risk Reduction Strategies, which are the first step in addressing the issue institutionally.

Main objective

Preparation of local disaster risk reduction strategies and action plans for the 6 municipalities of Fieri Region in order to guide future activities and investments for disaster risk management in a comprehensive and inter-institutional manner.

Specific objectives

  • To assist the municipalities of Fieri Region in the preparation of DRR Strategies;
  • Development of a comprehensive and inter-institutional process for the preparation of DRR Strategies;
  • Increasing the awareness of institutions at the local/regional level, the community and businesses regarding the risk from natural disasters and the need for cooperation.

Duration: 8 months
Country: Albania
Donor: UNDP Albania within the project “Resilience Strengthening in Albania” RESEAL and with the support of the National Civil Defense Agency
Implementing partners: Co-PLAN- Institute for Habitat Development and MetroPOLIS

The project ‘Preparation of Local Disaster Risk Reduction Strategies and Action Plans for the 6 Municipalities of Fier Region’ is funded by UNDP Albania within the project:  “Resilience Strengthening in Albania” RESEAL and is supported by the National Civil Protection Agency. RESEAL project is funded by the Swedish and Portuguese Governments.

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