Is ETIS a Viable Option for Fostering Sustainable Tourism?

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Annual Review of Territorial Governance in Albania, I, 2018, Page 94-104

Peter Nientied, Dritan Shutina


ETIS is the European Tourism Indicator System, which was proposed by the EU in 2016. This article explores whether ETIS could be a worthwhile and practical opportunity for destination governance in Albania. ETIS is more than a set of sustainable tourism indicators, it is meant to be an instrument that helps stakeholder working groups to take stock of tourism, monitor tourism development, and make decisions about destination governance for sustainable tourism. In Albania, the concern for sustainable tourism is limited to date. In addition, the functioning of local tourism destination governance is in an early stage of development. These factors together render the setting for developing concerted action for sustainable tourism rather unfavourable. Yet, action is needed to stop current, unwanted developments in relation to tourism. The central government should play a role in improving destination management before ETIS becomes an appropriate instrument to launch in Albania.

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