Systematic Monitoring of the Financial Situation and the Practice of the Financial Management at Local Level

  • Wednesday September 6th, 2017
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Implementation Period:  2015
Donor: Open Society Foundation in Albania (OSFA)
Fund: 17,100 USD
Implemented in: Albania
Implemented by: Co-PLAN, OSFA, Ministry of Finance and Minister of State for Local Issues in Albania

Co-PLAN, in line with one of the goals of the Program for Governance and Integration – Contributed for strengthening the decentralized competences managed with the support of Open Society Foundation in Albania, undertook a project which enabled -in full compliance with the spirit and objectives of the Program for the Governance and Integration – especially fulfilling the debate with data and increase the accountability of local government – designing, building and providing a platform that enabled not only the separation of financial and fiscal policies of local governments, but also their interpretation, as the possibility offered to both levels of government to make informed decisions based on a systematic basis of comparative data and indicators.

The main goal of the project was related to the establishment of practices / innovative instruments that promoted and enabled transparency and accountable governance and increase citizen confidence in government. The project aimed various stakeholders and groups of interest, therefore the objectives of the project were multiplied and guaranteed according to the implementation of activities.

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