Strategic Development Plan of Koplik Municipality

  • Thursday June 25th, 2009
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The proposed strategic document sets out the full technical and institutional framework that addresses the revitalization of Koplik Municipality’s development potential within a short-term period of 6-7-8 years. In this way, the document analyzes in advance all the components of the development of the Municipality, defining the important elements that give effect and can be empowered in the context of sustainable development in the future. In this way the document identifies concrete interventions regarding the development of the local economy in the municipality, for the revitalization of the domestic business, lake tourism, production of typical agricultural products for the area such as tobacco or vineyards. At the same time, the document defines the necessary institutional and administrative measures to improve the services and infrastructure in this local unit, as well as the necessary structure of periodic assessment and monitoring of progress.

You can download the full material here.

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