Environmental Film Festival

The future of the environment where we live, is closely related to our future. In conditions of rapid urban development where environmental impact is becoming more visible, environmental protection has become a necessity. In order stimulate an environmentally aware culture, the first edition of the Environmental Film Festival in Albania, was held between 22-25 May. The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Water Administration in Albania, supported by the Delegation of the European GIZ chose film, workshops and an exhibition to convey the message to the audience in the capital and in the cities of Vlora, Pogradec, Shkodra, etc. Co-PLAN airtime brought two short films, as well as an exhibition ‘retrospective’ to highlight how consumer behavior has changed Albanians in years, with corresponding impact on the environment.

About Co-PLAN

Co-PLAN is a non-profit organization that has contributed to sustainable development by enabling good urban and regional governance, tackling key environmental issues, developing civil society, impacting policies, and promoting community participation knowledge-making since 1995. At the core of Co-PLAN’s activity is the work with people and institutions, to foster tangible social transformation and positive change on the ground by inducing change-driving knowledge in our society for smart management of our

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