W2E – Waste to Energy for Western Balkans Cement Industry

“Waste to Energy for Western Balkans Cement Industry“ projects aims to  set the preconditions for the use of household waste, industrial waste and waste tyres for the cement production in  three countries of the Western Balkan: Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia in the local cement industry.

The implementing partners are Antea Cement Sh.a, Cementarnica USJE AD, Titan Cementara Kosjeric d.o.o., Co-PLAN,  Institute for Habitat Development, AMU Albanian Manufacturers Union, REC North Macedonia, RDA Zlatibor and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

The project allows for solid business models that motivate stakeholders to actively engage in efficient collection and re-use of processible waste, as waste can be treated as a valuable resource in Western Balkan Countries.

The following outcomes will contribute to achieving the project objectives:

  • Evaluating the potential of production and use of RDF/SRF in the cement industry;
  • Improving framework conditions for co-processing of waste as alternative fuel on local and national level by establishing an open dialogue and trust relationship with stakeholders;
  • Raising the awareness among the public on benefits of waste as alternative fuel;
  • Analysing the establishment and utilization of the collection network for different waste streams.

This project started on June 2020 and lasts until December 2022.

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