Solid Waste Component: Develop inter-LGU and Composting Models Based on Practices in the Puka Area

  • Wednesday September 6th, 2017
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Decentralization and Local Development Program

Implementation Period: 2014 – 2015
Fund: 21,777 EUR
Implemented in: Puka Area
Implemented by: Co-PLAN and Metro_POLIS shpk, Architecture and Planning Studio

“Develop inter-LGU and composting models based on practices, Puka area” aims to improve waste management service in the area of Puka in line with the national legislation and policy. The project is in line with goal, outputs 1.3 and 3.2 contributing to outcome 1 and 3 of dldp-3.

In more specific terms and objectives, this project aims to:

1. Establish two integrated and effective waste collection / transportation schemes, where citizen (including socially sensitive) raise waste collection coverage by a minimum of 20%; Prepare and share a methodology and steps for the formation of inter-LGU cooperation consulted with City C members;
2. Improve the financial capacities for waste management, with a fee collection base increased by a minimum of 5%;
3. Support pilot community composting initiatives, promoted for further replication in area of Puka or at a wider level;
4. Apply the proposed waste standards and benchmarking procedure;

Some of the main expected results of this project are:

  • An Inter-LGU Agreement for the delivery of the solid waste management service;
  • Brief Assessment Report on the condition of the dumpsites ‘condition (Puka and Fushë Arrëz), including an overall improvement plan for the dumpsite of Puka;
  • The development of a billing and collection system in line with proposed Cost& Tariff model, including a strategy how to bill and communicate tariffs to consumers and enforce their collection; Adopted pilot model for Standards and Benchmarking, incorporated into service delivery contracts;
  • Development of training materials for conducting effective and qualitative awareness campaign (PPTs) and for pilot composting schemes (PPT, videos, etc.), including simple methodologies for establishing and operating pilot community composting schemes, including respective costs.
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