Solid Waste Component: Develop inter-LGU model based on practices in the area of Malësia e Madhe

  • Wednesday September 6th, 2017
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Decentralization and Local Development Program

Implementation Period: 2014 – 2015
Fund: 16,404 EUR
Implemented in: Malësia e Madhe
Implemented by: Co-PLAN and Metro_POLIS shpk, Architecture and Planning Studio

“Develop inter-LGU model based on practices in the area of Malësia e Madhe” aims to improve the waste management service in the area of Malësia e Madhe in line with the national legislation and policy. The project has been designed for a 1-year-implementation-period, meaning that the expected results will be fulfilled with the given time frame.

In more specific terms and objectives, this project aims to:

1. Establish an integrated and effective waste collection/ transportation scheme, where citizen raise waste collection coverage by a minimum of 20%; assess waste disposal condition and foresee improvement measures;
2. Prepare and share with City Council members a methodology and steps for the formation and function of inter-LGU cooperation;
3. Develop an effective billing and collection system based on cost & tariff model;
4. Apply the proposed waste standards and bench-marking procedure.

Some of the main expected results of this project are:

  • An Inter-LGU Agreement for the delivery of the solid waste management service.
  • The development of a billing and collection system in line with proposed Cost& Tariff model, including a strategy how to bill and communicate tariffs to consumers and enforce their collection.
  • Development of training materials for conducting effective and qualitative awareness campaign (PPTs).
  • Adopted Pilot Model for Standards and Bench-marking, incorporated into technical specifications (waste collection delivery contract).
  • A guideline for organization of inter-LGU cooperation in waste management sector; A preliminary Impact Assessment Report for the Dumpsite of Koplik;
  • A rehabilitation/closure plan, including the relevant costs.
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