Status Report on Local Public Finances 2019

Continuous local public finances monitoring is an important step in assessing local government financial capacities functional to the exercising of functions and competence provided for in Law No. 139/2015 “On local self-government”. In addition, a better understanding of the relation between competences and available financial resources, informs the development of effective and efficient local government policy, facilitates dialog between government tiers, informs borrowing capacities, improves accountability, transparency and community trust in local representatives.

The local finances status report aims at providing a general local public finances overview in all 61 municipalities at the end of 2019. The financial performance of the municipalities with regard to revenue and its allocation for public services provision in an important element in the aftermath of decentralization reforms over the last four years (TAR, NCSDLG 2015-2020, etc.), the local elections held in June 2019 and the added pressure on the municipalities after the natural disasters, like the earthquakes of September and November 26th, 2019. Furthermore, local publitac finances situation has been analyzed alongside information from other sources (INSTAT, Ministry of Finance and Economy, etc.) to assess for factors that may have contributed to the local revenue and expenditures indicators.

In the second chapter, the 2019 Local Public Finances Status Report analyzes local finances resources dynamics by category in detail, while the third chapter addresses own funds and conditional funds expenditures made by local government, combining the analysis with the economic and functional nature of the expenses. In conclusion some conclusions for the future have been provided.

You can download the report here:  Public_Local_Finances_Status_Report_2019

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