Territorial Reform – Roundtable

In more specific terms, the discussion addressed issues such as: (i) The need for redistributing responsibilities and functions among the governance levels. The role of the qark to date, and the need for a review in frame of the Decentralization Strategy drafting and the organization of the territorial –administrative reform; (ii) The responsibilities and functions that could/ would have to be offered on a second tier of local governance, and how they influence on the territorial organization of this level; (iii) The challenge of European Union integration and the need for the establishment of the qarks; (iv) Proposals for the organization of the second tier territorial of local governance and the implications of this approach; (v) The proposed model (ranging between 4/6 regions) in essence aimed to promote the efforts for the regional and economic development , and to integrate the sectoral policies; to ensure the protection of the environment and enable efficiency in service provision.

The proposed functions that are to be fulfilled are: (1) Regional Development (Economic); (2) Protection of the natural resources; (3) Territorial Planning; (4) Regional Transport; (5) Vocational/ Professional Training; (6) Solid and liquid waste management; (7) Social care and welfare; (8) Delegated functions.

You can view the presentation by clicking here.

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