Meet Co-PLAN Staff

>  Dritan Shutina – Executive Director of Co-PLAN Institute for Habitat Development
Dritan Shutina is Executive Director of Co-PLAN Institute for Habitat Development, since 2005, which he co-founded in 1995. He is also one of the founders of Polis University, International School of Architecture and Urban Policy Development, where he heads the research unit is engaged in teaching and strategic planning. He graduated in Civil Engineering and studied further after-universitatre in Public Policy, Assessment of Land and Construction, Urban Development of the City in European and American institutions. His main areas of expertise are: local governance and decentralization, strategic urban planning, public policy formulation, project cycle management, project evaluation, organizational development and institutional development of civil society, manaxhi the process, knowledge management, management activities, facilitation, and training. During the past 15 years, Dritan worked on projects in the neighborhood and city planning, organization and institutional development, project design, monitoring and evaluation, decentralization and local governance reforms, urban planning and management, municipal finance, development civil society and democratization, primarily in Albania, but also in Kosovo. He has gained extensive experience in the field of training, pedagogy and management of local governance and financial management, and has developed excellent skills in policy advice, networking and communication, reporting and project cycle management.

> Rudina Toto – Program Manager

Expert and MSc in Urban and Environmental Management. Academic background and experience in planning and environment. Management and expertise in the preparation of city development strategies, urban planning and environmental participation, establishment of information systems for the territory, environmental systems analysis, institutional analysis, social assessment and feasibility studies, preparation of legislation. Research experience in public policy lecturer at Polis University.

> Anila Gjika – Program Manager
Experts in urban management and MSc in Business Administration. Extensive experience in Urban Planning and Urban Finance, as the education and experience. Management skills and expertise in Regulatory Plans, Medium Term Budget Program, Capital Investment Plan and feasibility studies. Wide experience with Public Private Partnerships, Land Management, Development and Improvement of Infrastructure and Project Cost Control. Academic Qualification also includes Graduate Studies in Public Finance, Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations, Regularization of Informal Settlements and Land Management. Head of Unit Urban Economy and Finance Co-PLAN and University Lecturer in Polis.

> Floreta Pirushi – Program Manager
Profile and experience to date has been in office administration and library. Degree in Jurisprudence, Faculty of Law, University of Tirana, two years post-graduate studies for librarianship, National Library and the Soros Foundation in Albania. Project Manager “Albanian Leadership Award”, a new initiative undertaken by Co-PLAN, to promote the real values of the Albanian leadership and LOGIN (Network Information for Local Government) a knowledge management platform on issues of local governance . Head of Service Department and representative of the Department of Publications and Communications – U_ POLIS.

> Eno Muho – Urban Planner
Training in Urban Planning and Design, as by education and experience. Experience in strategic urban planning, urban design participatory, and municipal information systems and urban regulatory plans.

> Altin Mihali – Municipal Finance Expert

Graduated from the University of Tirana and with wide experience of Local Taxes and Fees, Financial Management, Participatory Budget, Capital Investment Plan etc. Expert in domestic and international organizations for local units. Strong knowledge in the preparation, implementation and monitoring of municipal budgets, the fiscal package, with some variants, Capital Investment Plan, the establishment and operation of One Stop Shop for business registration and reregister small, preparation and implementation of Action Plan performance management of services in One Stop Shop, as the only model for administrative services, and other public services such as cleaning service, lighting and water supply.

> Darina Kokona – Community Development Expert

Strong profile and experience in urban and socio- economic development and governance issues at both local and regional level. Expertise in local and regional development, strategic planning with focus strategic development plan design, participatory based planning processes and monitoring and evaluation. Extended experience and knowledge of non-profit sector, local  and regional governance institutions  in Albania in providing capacity building, institutional development and project management cycle training to institutions and organizations. Background experience in social sciences with focus on community development, gender and minorities integration processes, networking and communication in linking various segments of society in large urban development with emphasis to inclusive cities.

> Redion Biba – Environmental Expert
Specialized expert and experienced in solid waste management, energy efficiency and other aspects of environmental management, monitoring and control of urban environment, environmental impact assessment, design and implementation of environmental strategies, legal and administrative framework at local level. Extensive experience in designing and implementing environmental projects, drafting and enforcing contracts, estimate costs and fees, budget and waste audits, the organization of training, etc. Graduated from the University of Tirana in 1998 as Environmental Engineer and successfully completed several environmental post-graduate programs. Working at Co-PLAN since 2009. Currently pursuing the Master Program at Polis University and IHS-Holland in ‘housing and land management. “

> Teida Shehi – Environmental Expert

Graduated at the Polytechnic University of Tirana, Faculty of Engineering, engineering branch Environment, Energy. Coordinator in environmental projects, particularly in the Solid Waste Management (EMAS Methodology – The poverty of management and environmental audit) at local level. Experience working with local government units, capacity building, research and community work. Assisted and directed some of the waste nadarjes campaigns in different cities of Albania. Currently pursuing the Master Program at Polis University and IHS-Holland in ‘housing and land management’.

> Aida Ciro – Communication and Research Expert
Qualified and experienced in Communication and Research. Academic qualifications include Journalism (BA, England), and postgraduate studies in International Security Strategy (MA, England) and the International Logistics and Supply Chain Management (MSc, Sweden).

> Besmira Dyca – Exert in Urban Planning

Graduated in City and Regional Planning, in Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey. Currently pursuing her Master’s degree in “Housing and Land Development” program, joint program of U_POLIS with Institute for Housing Studies (Netherlands).  Work experience in the field of project management and evaluation at local level. Her fields of interest comprise: regional and urban planning, strategic planning, energy efficiency and environmental planning, urban policy making, sustainable tourism governance.

> Zenel Bajrami-Specialist in Urban Planning
Degree in Urban Planning at the Technical University Middle East, Turkey, also had a short academic experience at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom. Urban Experience in training at the offices of the local government level. Areas of interest include urban morphology, which is located in a major process of change, and urban design and master.

> Silvi Jano – Junior Urban Planner

A graduate in Urban Planning at Polis University, the International School of Architecture and Urban Development Policies. Has various internship experiences in international higher education institutions such as: TU Wien, Austria, and Van Holl Larenstein, the Netherlands.

> Ogerta Gjiknuri – Finance Manager
Degree in Finance at the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana; Master in “Financial Risk and Risk Management”. Her background comes from a successful experience in finance and accounting. Experience in preparing financial statements, various reports and budgeting with strong ability to coordinate and interact with third parties, and to efficiently run a finance department.

> Oreola Caliqi – Accountant
Graduated from the University of Tirana, Faculty of Economics, in Business Administration. She has significant work experience as accountant and knowledge of the Accounting Act; and solid experience in preparing financial statements for various companies.

> Ledia Lika – Office Administrator
Comes with a consolidated experience in the field of administrative support to NGOs; Ledia graduated in Foreign Languages at the University of Tirana, specialising in German. Very good communication and organizational skills.

> Altion Qirko – Support Staff

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