Our Mission

We work with people and institutions, to foster tangible social transformation and positive change on the ground by inducing change-driving knowledge in our society for smart management of our habitat.

>   Our Habitat

Since conception, the focus of Co-PLAN’s work has been on habitat; at Co-PLAN we are passionate about driving urban change to further improve and develop where we live. Over the past 15 years we have engaged in numerous projects on urban city planning as part of a spatial development reform.

>   Our Society

People feature largely in what we do; in fact it all revolves around peoples’ lives and wellbeing, by improving their living environment and making them be a pro-active part of the decision-making process that concerns or affects them in any way. What might start with projects with tangible outcomes, or seminars and training courses, usually results in stronger and more civic societies.

>   Our Research

Co-PLAN does not just promote sustainable development, and good governance; we look at the core of our activity, we study it thoroughly, and produce important knowledge which takes our work a step further, by serving as indicators for further improvements in policies or processes our main fields of expertise. At best, our knowledge¸ helps guide the process of policy-making and city making and serves as a foundation of our reflective process to encourage further growth and improvement.

>   Our Partners

Partnerships constitute a distinct value in Co-PLAN’s philosophy. We take pride in who we work with, and over the past 15 years have relentlessly worked on strengthening our relationships at home, and with the international partners. We are pleased to share every success with each of our partners, as they have all, in some form or other, contributed to Co-PLAN’s continuous growth and success.

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