Annual Review of Territorial Governance in Albania

Read the full periodical here: Territorial Governance in Albania 2018

Annual Review for Territorial Governance in Albania is a periodical publication with select policy briefs on matters related to territorial governance, sketching the present situation, the Europeanisation process, the policy, and the research and development agenda for the near future. The publication will be in both languages, English and Albanian, and it will target policy-makers and policy-influencing actors.

Table of Contents: 

  1. Challenges of Regional Development in Albania
    Fiona Imami, Anila Bejko (Gjika), Dritan Shutina
  2. Albania: Towards a More Effective Financing Mechanism for Regional Development
    Kejt Dhrami, Anila Bejko (Gjika)
  3. Europeanisation of Spatial Planning in Albania
    Ledio Allkja
  4. Land Development in Albania – Challenges and Innovations
    Rudina Toto, Ledio Allkja
  5. Territorial Administrative Reform and the Decentralization Strategy – Progress towards the Desired Objectives after a Governing Mandate.
    Merita Toska, Anila Bejko (Gjika)
  6. Sustainable Tourism Development in Albania
    Aida Ciro, Merita Toska
  7. Is ETIS a Viable Option for Fostering Sustainable Tourism?
    Peter Nientied, Dritan Shutina
  8. Governance for Climate Change Resolution
    Rodion Gjoka, Xhesika Hoxha, Kristi Bashmili
  9. Energy Sector Towards the Renewable Potential in the Albanian Context
    Rodion Gjoka
  10. Territorial Governance Challenges of the Western Balkans in Europe
    Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development 
  11. European Spatial Integration: The Western Balkans Discontinuity
    Giancarlo Cotella
  12. The Urban Dimension of the EU Cohesion Policy and Beyond
    Iván Tosics
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