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  • Thursday June 25th, 2009
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“Pilot Zone Development Program – Lagjja 5 Maji, City of Elbasan” is one of the products of the two-year project “Steps to a Comprehensive Society in Elbasan, Integration of Cities Affected in Urban Development”, funded by Cordaid Netherlands and managed by Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development. This project aimed directly at the realization of activities which positively impacted the integration of the Roma community of the pilot area into the further urban development of the city of Elbasan, creating the inhabitants of the area the opportunity to feel equal citizens of his.

The document is an instrument and model of development at the local level which sets the strategic development objectives for the Roma community aiming at its integration into the urban development of the city of Elbasan embodying a common vision for the development of the area during 2008-2013 and based on profile analysis and the relevant existing situation. These objectives include 1) economic development 2) urban development 3) environmental and health development 4) cultural and social development and accompanying them by decomposing them into the Action Plans that contain the definition of concrete actions and projects each year for implementation related to development further the area.

“The Pilot Zone Development Program ‘Lagja 5 Maji'” comes as part of the drafting of the City Development Strategy under the EGUG II program, which also addresses the needs and priorities of the Roma minority, as this minority is represented with 10% of its totality in the city of Elbasan. Within the complex development of the pilot area, the Municipality of Elbasan, Region no. 6, representatives of the Roma pilot community and the Roma Community Center with the support of Co-PLAN took this initiative to draft a basic document that would contain the development priorities of the pilot area for the next 5 years with the ultimate goal of sustainable development at the local level . The following documents were taken into consideration for the development of the Pilot Development Program document: 1) Elbasan City Development Strategy, 2) Social and Economic Survey for the Pilot Area (2007), 3) Infrastructure Development Plan for the area pilot 4) National Strategy for Improvement of Roma Community Conditions in Albania.

You can download the full material here.

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